Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2009 in Review – January

January ushered in some momentous events for our family, especially when it comes to Jack.

He began eating sandwiches!!! Now this may seem like a “non-event” to some people, but for a boy with food allergies (milk, eggs and nuts), who is super picky, eating a new food is a BIG DEAL!!! Here he is munching on a ham sandwich. Ignore the fact that he was way overdue for a haircut!!


Then, how could we forget his famous imitation from O Brother, Where Art Thou?.

my hair board

In January, we also said goodbye to some dear friends, the Langstons, as they left to begin their mission training. James, Marci, Taylor, Emily and Micah are now serving our Lord in Zambia. James and Marci both grew up in missionary families and still have a strong heart for mission work. We do get to chat with them occasionally thanks to the amazing internet!! We miss them so much but know they are doing much greater work in Zambia!!!

Jack and Micah were best buddies after two years in the same WEE School class. I took the photo of the two of them so Micah could take it with him to remember his special friend. I hear he has it in his room and still talks about Jack. I hope they never forget each other and quickly rekindle their friendship when they return in a few years.

Langston board

On January 10, 2009, Lee and I went to the Elvis Birthday Pops at the Cannon Center for the Performing Arts. We are definitely not big Elvis fans, but did enjoy the evening with Bob and Suzanne. Suzanne works in Lee’s office and the firm is a co-sponsor of the event. Here we are sporting Bob and Suzanne’s Elvis shades equipped with sideburns.


This is a moment I would like to forget! I backed into my own car with our Yukon! I completely forgot it was behind me! Ugh!!! A stupid mistake that ended up costing us $500!


And finally, we had a little bit of snow on January 28, 2009…just enough to close school for the day. It doesn’t take much in the south!!! The kids loved it, Heather included! Even the dog had a blast!!! Since it wasn’t very deep, Heather had to improvise when building the snowman. I think little Frosty, built on the hood of her car, is rather cute!

January 2009

Happy 2010!!!

I know it has been forever since our last update.  The end of the year was a busy time for us with birthdays, holidays and family visits.  I am going to post a series of photos to show what was going on in our family during the year.  I hope I will be much better about updating this site this year.

Happy 2010!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Magic 8 Ball



On Sunday, I overheard the boys playing with the Magic 8 Ball.  I believe their questions sum up just how different they are!

Will:  “Am I the smartest person in my class?”

Jack: “Will it rain hot dogs?”

Monday, August 24, 2009

Conversation with Jack

Jack:  “Mom, do you remember that movie we watched last night?”

Me: “Uh, what movie"?”

J: “You know, that movie with that guy with blond hair.”

Me: “No”

J: “You know that movie with that guy who wore that white shirt and those blue pants.”

Me: “No, I still don’t know what movie you are asking me about.”

J: (As he was becoming more frustrated with me) “You know that movie we saw last night!”

Me:  “I’m sorry Jack, but I don’t remember the movie.  Why don’t you tell me what it was about so I can remember.”

J: “You know, that movie with that guy…at the end he wore a white shirt and blue pants and a white cowboy hat.”

Three minutes have passed since this conversation began and Jack has spend most of it desperately trying to get me to remember some guy in a white shirt and blue pants.  At this point he is completely frustrated and becoming very agitated with me.  I am trying very hard to remember what we watched last night…obviously, it left a real impression on me!  I’m thinking back through the evening’s shows and none of them were watched with the kids.  What on earth is he talking about?  Lee and I didn’t watch any shows with him last night.

And then it hits me…

For a brief time, maybe 15 minutes before their bath, Lee had one of the all time classic movies on in the family room……Tremors.  One of the best movies ever made!  So great in fact, there were actually 3 sequels made and a TV series!  Jack was referring to Kevin Bacon’s character who wore a white shirt, blue jeans and white cowboy hat.  Don’t you know that Kevin Bacon looks back on this role as one of his best!! 

Now that I have finally figured out what Jack was referring to, I am waiting for some profound thought from him.  I mean, he was so insistent that I had to know what the movie was and who the character was in the film!  It was of the utmost importance to what he wanted me to know.  Without knowing who he was talking about and the exact context, then how in the world would I ever really know what he was saying?

Jack turned to me and said “Can you get me a white shirt?”