Monday, August 24, 2009

Conversation with Jack

Jack:  “Mom, do you remember that movie we watched last night?”

Me: “Uh, what movie"?”

J: “You know, that movie with that guy with blond hair.”

Me: “No”

J: “You know that movie with that guy who wore that white shirt and those blue pants.”

Me: “No, I still don’t know what movie you are asking me about.”

J: (As he was becoming more frustrated with me) “You know that movie we saw last night!”

Me:  “I’m sorry Jack, but I don’t remember the movie.  Why don’t you tell me what it was about so I can remember.”

J: “You know, that movie with that guy…at the end he wore a white shirt and blue pants and a white cowboy hat.”

Three minutes have passed since this conversation began and Jack has spend most of it desperately trying to get me to remember some guy in a white shirt and blue pants.  At this point he is completely frustrated and becoming very agitated with me.  I am trying very hard to remember what we watched last night…obviously, it left a real impression on me!  I’m thinking back through the evening’s shows and none of them were watched with the kids.  What on earth is he talking about?  Lee and I didn’t watch any shows with him last night.

And then it hits me…

For a brief time, maybe 15 minutes before their bath, Lee had one of the all time classic movies on in the family room……Tremors.  One of the best movies ever made!  So great in fact, there were actually 3 sequels made and a TV series!  Jack was referring to Kevin Bacon’s character who wore a white shirt, blue jeans and white cowboy hat.  Don’t you know that Kevin Bacon looks back on this role as one of his best!! 

Now that I have finally figured out what Jack was referring to, I am waiting for some profound thought from him.  I mean, he was so insistent that I had to know what the movie was and who the character was in the film!  It was of the utmost importance to what he wanted me to know.  Without knowing who he was talking about and the exact context, then how in the world would I ever really know what he was saying?

Jack turned to me and said “Can you get me a white shirt?”


Anonymous said...

Amy - I have had NUMEROUS conversations just like that with my son. Sadly, he is 16 now, and we still sometimes have them! I'm glad to know I'm not the only mom who doesn't "remember that one time?"

-- Jo Lynne (Wooten)

Ron said...

Takes after his Gram. That's also one of my all time favorites and Kevin Bacon is still one of my favorites. Just as Ron